Who We Are

The Triangle Basketball Officials Association (TBOA) is a group of 275+ men and women dedicated to the art of officiating high school basketball.  We’re the people in the 100% polyester outfits fans yell at during games (stop that, fans!).

We’re like Judge Judy, but of basketball (and without the snark).  We know the rules of basketball like she knows the law and we apply those rules fairly in a game that decides a victor.

Where We Work

If you’ve ever been to a prep basketball game at a public or private middle or high school in Wake, Durham, Orange, Harnett, Johnston, Franklin, Granville, Vance, or Warren Counties, that’s us running up and down the basketball court refereeing the game. We work for over 100 schools and referee thousands of games each year.

We’re a proud group, fascinated by the rules of basketball and love of the sport. We’re fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, moms, sisters, brothers, and aunts of people you know. Folks who do this to give back to the community, stay active past our playing days, and contribute to the growth of student-athletes.

Why the TBOA?

This site is for our membership to celebrate the game and level up our ability along the way.  If you’re not in the association, we’re highly trained each year and invite you to page through to see how we learn.

I Wanna Be a Referee

Ask any of our officials and they’ll tell you we’re family. A close-knit group of men and women who ref for several reasons. To give back to the community, to stay connected to the sport, to ascend into the college ranks. Some even share that it puts a little extra cash in their pocket.

Viva Le Video

Refs rule by watching other refs rule. Besides knowing the rules, videos are the strongest way to see plays to know what to call. Often spectators feel like they have the best angles when it’s our training that teaches us where to stand to make the right call. Would you make the right call?

The Five Question Quiz

There are ten rules in the book. These are the foundation to making the correct call in every instance. We work hard to know the rules inside out so we can apply them correctly. Nothing will ever take the place of understanding the rules of basketball and then applying them in the contest you’re officiating.

Level Up to Learn

We are governed by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association which oversees all prep sports in the state. Between what is available online and from the NCHSAA, level up to learn has links and news and videos and views.

Refs in the Triangle

We are proud of our family. Over 275 men and women who are committed to the sport of high school basketball. We have young officials in their first year and many who’ve been with us for decades. Meet our leadership team and the refs who rule in the TBOA.